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Sue Poynter, Manager
Sue Poynter is the manager and technical support person at D'Vine Intervention.  She has 5 years experience within the wine industry and she is extremely helpful when it comes to knowing the workings of the machinery.
Bryan & Marcelle - Owners
Bryan and Marcelle Tudhope are the owners of  D'Vine Intervention.  Marcelle is involved in the marketing of the company and Bryan is involved in the R&D component as well as technical support.
The Sweetspotter was developed in 2004 using technology developed for solar desalination by Bryan Tudhope while living in South Africa. D'VINE INTERVENTION was formed shortly thereafter. Initially the machinery was developed for a laboratory environment, but it quickly found its way into smaller wineries to process single barrel lots of wine for purposes of VA Reduction and 4EP/4EG reduction.  The Sweetspotter has been instrumental in designing and testing new processes, including sulphide removal, tartaric stabilization, wine concentration and color splitting. It has now become a well known name within the California, Washington and Oregon wine industries.  

D'VINE INTERVENTION works hand in hand with VA Filtration USA. There are other companies now offering similar machinery and saying they are the same, but they are far from it. Nothing comes close to the SWEETSPOTTER in energy efficiency, performance and versatility.
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